General Audience Books

Forked: How the Greedy, the Over-Religious, and the Dumb Make Life Miserable for the Rest of Us--and What to Do about It(

Forked is a methodically, if fictitiously, documented explanation of why our country is as politically, economically, and morally wretched as it is; it identifies three tines of a fork--the three groups who are largely responsible for these miseries. These groups are the greedy, the over-religious, and the dumb. Forked proposes ways to blunt the tines of this fork through media, schools, and various strategies. The book is laced with dry, sardonic humor.

Poison (

Poison focuses on a small American town and how the people in it respond to an America caught in the throes of jingoism amidst an overseas tragedy of its own making. The characters in Poison are placed in normal situations that are set several turns on a Rubik's Cube away from reality. This book's storyline includes a sniping mystery, a midget mayor, a romance with a letter-carrier, disaffected African Americans, a children's home, grenades, peanut skins, cannibals, and a corn brewery; later it gets more complicated.

Dervishes (

Dervishes is about a lesbian physicist, a mayoral primary, independent judgment, a maternal deprogramming, superfluid helium, and a concupiscent crustacean, among other things. At its heart, Dervishes is the story of a woman’s odyssey toward finding her academic, sexual, and political selves, in the face of well-meaning and not so well-meaning pressures.

Educational Books

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